Jobs for artists?
Getting a job as an artist is a task which requires focus, energy and drive. You won't find many people that got where they are just by luck or chance. it takes a driven individual to get to the top. With that being said, you might think that what you will hear next is a bit contradictory in regards to your "well deserved artjob." In fact, with what you are about to learn, you might think to yourself, "why on earth am I still working this job when i could be making 3 or 4 times as much from home."

Sure, nothing comes for free, but wouldn't you agree that most artists in general are not the best entrepreneurs? I hate to say it, but it's true. Jobs for artists are not in fact the best paying jobs, and I will explain exactly what I mean, I hope you can keep up. Typically speaking, everyohne still needs artists. In the giant world of business, people need art so much the people who do provide it should be seriously paid. So why can't you find a job that pays you at least as much as a mailman or a garbage truck driver?

Because you are probably not the best businessman or woman, I mean c'mon... your an artist! So what you need to do right now is start thinking being hired is not an option of yours, but you need money to survive. This is the mindset of a true businessman. The businessman needs to bypass the step of providing service to one company, but ANY company or person.

You need to become an entrepreneur if you want to escape from the challenge of money. More money than you have ever dreamed of will come your way if you break free and start up business for yourself and no one else.

See? the ideal situation is staring you in the face and the opportunity is vast. You cannot fail if you try. This was not always the way it was, in fact back a few years ago it was a scary thing to do investing in yourself.

Now? We have the internet. You don't necessarily need an art job. Are you an artist? painter? Ever heard of online submission to stock databases? Learn the ins and outs of the industry and get crackin' big time.
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