You’re about to learn how to draw simple pictures and take photographs and get PAID FOR LIFE!

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This story might sound crazy but its 100% true

I don't know about you, but I have never really been good with a camera or drawing. In fact, my friends and family used to make fun of me because my handwriting was so bad, that you can barely read it. It doesn't matter though, because that doesn't stop me from making a lot of money online selling pictures I take with my camera, and some drawings I do in my spare time.

Back when I was in college living in a really small dorm room, I stumbled upon something so powerful, that it literally CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER... I went from being in debt, to making thousands of dollars per month in a short amount of time, and now I'm about to show you what I did step by step!

How would you like to be able to:
  • Get paid for submitting simple drawings
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  • Have someone show you step by step what to do
  • Earn residual income from every photo you submit
  • Use your cell phone camera as a profit tool
  • Get famous as an artist
  • Have a real artist teach you how to draw

I was desperate to make money and stumbled onto a literal gold mine

I kept searching for a way to make money online, because delivering pizzas while in college was not making me enough money, and I kept getting further and further into debt.

I read about different companies who would PAY ME to take photographs, and to submit my drawings to them. At first I thought it was a scam but then I realized how it was actually true, because there is a HUGE demand from well known companies who want to use these photographs and pictures on their websites. Plus they are willing to pay you a lot of money for the rights to use your images!

I uploaded a few pictures and almost instantly the money started pouring in

I submitted some pictures I took around my town... pictures of trees, people walking around, and some buildings, as well as some of my old drawings I did and a funny thing happened... Within a few days, I logged back in to that website, and saw that people have been buying them! I was making money! After this, I was hooked and started taking pictures of everything I could and selling them online. I also learned to draw a bit more, and started selling drawings that were so simple, a 10 year old kid could do them!

Just look at how much people have made from taking simple photographs!

image description OVER $68,000
image description OVER $9,600  
image description OVER $12,960
image description OVER $12,000
These are ACTUAL earnings people are making on sites that will sell your photographs!

... and here are some of the pictures I’ve drawn, and what I have made from each of them!

Ive made up to $900 per picture i've made up $900 per picture!!

This is a PROVEN method to make REAL money online

I know that there are a lot of dishonest websites out there, but this is not one of them. Believe me, I have been burned by scam companies before which is one of the reasons I created this product- to give people a REAL opportunity to make money online.

I'm not here to promise you riches, but I'm telling you, this is a real opportunity for you to start making money. There are thousands of people making money selling their images every day and a lot of people make MORE money than me. This is a legitimate opportunity that can help you make money in your spare time!

IMPORTANT This Is Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme!

Want to see how much you could potentially earn

Potential Earnings Calculator
  • How many photos/drawings will you submit each week?
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Your First Year Total Earnings would be: $15600
*Your earnings are 100% dependent on your skill level and amount of time dedicated. This calculator is only to be used for entertainment purposes and results are not guaranteed or typical*

We’ll show you the secrets to getting started even if you’ve never drawn art before!

Myself and my team, have put together some incredibly valuable material that will help you get started selling your images and pictures online literally within minutes. I've spent YEARS figuring out all of this stuff and perfecting it... and now for the first time ever, I'm going to show you how you can copy what I did step by step.

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Why is there a cost?

Because we don’t take a percentage of your earnings through our GetPaidtoDraw partners, we need to charge a small fee to cover our costs associated with the web hosting, image storage, our customer service team as well as continuously updating our content for our members. However, we have negotiated a deal with our partners to offer a FREE $50 to our customers when you sell your first image online! Don't miss this opportunity because it won't be here for very much longer!

Earnings disclaimer:

All representations of earnings shown on are for example purposes only, and are exceptional results. These earnings shown on this site should not be considered the average results anyone can have. Results will vary, depending on the level of determination and motivation you put into selling your artwork and the quality of artwork you submit. We cannot guarantee how much money you will make, or if you will make any at all. This is not a work at home opportunity or business opportunity but an educational training course.